Author Visits:

Ria is available for school, library and book club visits. Her presentations are energetic, informative and lots of fun. She focuses on making stories and the creative process relevant and interesting for elementary school classes, high school groups, and adult book club meetings.


Ria is also pleased to offer writing workshops for groups or individuals. Past classes have included children’s fiction, adult fiction, poetry and short stories.

Email her for more information.

In Person

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Questions Ria is sometimes asked about Nobody’s Dog:

Why is the dog a husky?


  1. 1)when I started the story, I had a dog who was part husky, and he partly inspired the book and

  2. 2)I once read a true story about a pair of huskies who wandered the streets at night, having adventures, and always coming home in the morning. And

3) I think they’re beautiful.”

Why did you write from a boy’s point of view when you are a girl?

“I asked myself why Jakob was a boy and not a girl (he would have had a different name if he had been), but no matter how I thought about it, the main character of the story had to be boy. I wondered if I could write from his point of view, seeing as I have never been a boy, but as I got into the story, his voice came easily, and I enjoyed being ‘in his head’.”

How long did it take to write the book?

“From start to finish, first word to last, probably about four years. But there were lots of breaks in between and many drafts that changed the story a lot. At one point, Jakob had a friend named Henry, but I took him out because he wasn’t doing anything important in the story.”

Will you write a sequel about Jakob and Chilko?

“I thought I might at one point, but now I don’t think so. Jakob’s next adventure with Chilko is best left to the imagination. Let me know what kinds of things you think he gets up to! I’d love to know!”

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